Let me take the worry away.

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Imagine your home burning down, and you have no idea what to tell your insurance company as to what you had. 


Imagine having to go for a loan last minute, and you have no idea what kind of assets you own.

​Imagine being told you have 24 hours to pack up a few of your things and move to an extended living facility.


Imagine you've passed away suddenly, and now your loved ones must go through all of your belongings. 

​Now, imagine having all of your belongings surrounding you, but organized with a list that would allow you to pick up and leave at any time, sell your belongings, divide them up amongst your loved ones, or reference to the next time you buy something you think you need. 



Every one of us is in a different situation.

Let me help you take away that worry away.


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Happy Clients



"I don't know how Amy walks into a space and makes it look brand new"

Jackie McConnell

"I feel so relaxed now knowing where all my stuff is!"

Payton Hillman

"I feel at peace knowing that my family wont have to dig through all my stuff when the time comes for me to take my place at the retirement home"

Reese Mathers

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